I love that you are here.

I’m a fashion designer and a writer with a big passion for mindfulness and meditation. I started my own fashion label when I was 19 and ran it for 12 years. The brand sold clothing and accessories in 15 countries in more than 150 stores and in the company’s last year, it sold over 40.000 pieces of clothing per year.

Since then, I’ve written two Fashion/ Sewing books, published sewing patterns and hosted a TV show on the same theme. All with the aim to inspire and pay tribute to the creativity in all of us. I believe that the human race needs its creativity, along with oxygen.

A few years ago I took the leap and went back to school to develop my meditation skills. The second I walked into class I knew that I was right where I was suppose to be . One thing lead to another and during the last couple of years I´ve taken a little break from everything to study psychology and therapy and deepening my knowledge in mindfulness. It´s been so interesting and fun to dig even deeper into the mystery of the mind, body and soul.

I really do find that the traveling within is the most fascinating and beautiful work we can do for ourselves, however we choose to do it. Not only to come closer to our own truth and feel more balanced and aware of ourselves, but also to be able to experience and grasp the capacity for creativity that lies within each and everyone of us.

The more I learn about my own soul the bigger my appetite for creating with my hands gets. It’s beautiful how creativity and inner traveling truly go hand in hand and I’m grateful to be able to work with both in my day to day job.

Today, I divide my time between writing sewingbooks and working as a Therapist and Mindfulnessteacher (more about that here).





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