Not clean yet

Not clean yet

I was totally done with the fashion industry. A few years had passed after closing my business and I just didn´t want to add any more clothing to the bizarre amount of products that already hit the earth every minute.

One night I met with an old friend. He came by my house to pick me up and while driving to the restaurant we’d picked out for the evening, he asked me:

“So Jenny, are you doing anything with fashion nowadays?”

“Noooo, I don’t…. no.” I said, shaking my head.
“So what exactly do you do?” he asked.

JennyModellarPa-Hatt-dec2009I started giving him a long list of what I was doing, teaching, consulting, writing…and while the words came out of my mouth I heard myself describing someone that was ALL IN FASHION. How could this be?
He looked at me like I was a drug addict trying to deny being high and we had a big laugh. Maybe I was never going to succeed in leaving the fashion industry, or was it fashion that had no plans to leave me?

I rolled down the window of his crappy car and screamed:

“I tried to get out, but it kept pulling me back!” in a fabulous Swedish/Italian/English Godfather accent.

Fashion can be pretty powerful when you´ve once tried it. So be careful. Just look at me. Not clean yet. Accepting it, though, so that´s always something.

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