This is the back of a beautiful embroidery. The side that people never get to see.

Personally that’s my favourite part. Same with people. I thrive when people tell their truth and show vulnerability. It’s beautiful and fragilly courageous. I try to be as honest and truthful as I can to the people around me and not the least – to myself. It’s scary as hell at times, and at times it comes out totally wrong and might even hurt someone which is never my intention of course:).

But when the truth is told from my heart and it comes from a peaceful mind it is always worth telling it. Because it makes me embody freedom for myself.

BUT the truth about being truthfuI is that I can never expect anyone to respond to me the same way. Honest. Truthful. Vulnerable. And that can certainly hurt at times. But that is ok. We are who we are and we all do our best in any given situation. What is a good way for me might not be a good way for another. There is no right way.

The back of the embroidery might look awful and even scary to some. But for me it doesn’t. It is just simply the truth. Fragile or not. Beautiful and totally awesomly interesting.






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