Soul dress

I´m going to create a dress……

With words…… and fabric of course:)
I would love to do it with not only my words, but with yours too! So it becomes a dress where our words meet.

Like a soul dress.

With words and dreams about the future, about our planet or about anything that matters. Like a little tribute to all my lovely and creative sisters (and bros too) out there.
Single words. Sentences. Poetry. Whatever you like:)

In English, Swedish or whatever comes natural. Let it flow. No rules baby! Except that it needs to be about hopes and dreams:) It doesn´t have to be beautifully written, just sincere. And I´ll share the process here on my site as it runs along.

Here´s how it works:

  • Comment below!
  • Bring the love! 
  • Drop the fear!

Simple as that:)…..

(oh, and please be patient:) when submitted, your comment will take a little while to be processed.)


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A Jenny Pop-up event!

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Follow the adventure!


  1. Mathilda

    As my body gets older my soul seems to get younger,
    The things I once thought so important,
    like status, career and wealth,
    are nothing in comparison to love, honesty and health.

  2. Monika

    Vilsamt och vackert! En plats att ofta återvända till.

  3. Laurella

    You know when you get that fuckingshitpain every month, I just hate it and feel so sorry for myself. But yesterday, I realized that I can actually USE it, to make myself feel stronger, to make myself feel a little more like a big BIACH – in a good way! That little extra power that you often feel you don’t have and especially in the right moments when you really need it. So yesterday – I started to piss off crowds of men in traffic ..ha ha – I felt like a queen! and further – best of all – I was doing GREAT in my pay rise discussion with my boss! Yay!
    All that aggressive energy. Use it to something good even though you’re in fuckingshitpain! ?

  4. Kristina

    Mina drömmar så fladdriga.
    Fäster dem med händernas arbete.

  5. Åsa

    Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.

  6. Britt-Inger

    I am Mrs Blue
    I have always been Mrs Blue
    Sometimes I wish I could be a little bit more Mrs Green, or Yellow or Red or whatever
    But blue suites me best in the end
    And I love all you other Mrs Purples, Mrs Yellows and Mrs any colours

  7. Ina

    When somebody says: “This is the only right way”. Then it’s the wrong way!

  8. Henrik

    Genom bilderna och dina skrivna ord når du “the basics of basic of what all is about. ” Lyfter och värmer, stärker och glädjer – själen.

  9. Jessica

    Plåster till sargad själ
    fast det blir bra till slut
    sitter ärren

  10. Marie

    Alla är vi olika, låt oss acceptera det. Mångfald är fantastiskt på alla sätt. Lär av varandra och hjälp varandra. Peace, Love and understanding:-)

  11. Lina

    Att skapa är frihet. Att skapa är en möjlighet. To create is everything! Men ibland är vägen dit väldigt lång.

  12. Ebba

    What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? Life, she replied. As simple as that.

  13. Katarina

    En ljusblå lätthet-
    så föreställer jag mej himla-resan

    Men vid närmare eftertanke, varför inte ställa sig redan nu i ljusblå skirklänning, och prickig stormhatt på

    The Lady is dressed in black again
    Jag själv väljer då helst den Lilla. Svarta.

    Och. Njuter av nyplockade blåbär till frukost. Varje dag. Plockade i eget revir. De är mina. Välkommen.

  14. Elisabeth

    A rush of petals punched me breathless and everything beautiful and ugly melted into one. Suddenly I was carried beyond feelings of bliss and grief, perfection and failure, hybris and self-loathing since all I was was nature itself, rushing in the wind towards the gray pavement.


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