So I just had my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with you!

I have 3 birthday gifts for you!

But first I want to say Thank You:)…. for inspiring me so much.

I love to get to see what you are creating and I often tear up when getting emails from you about how happy you are for my patterns or if I have had the honor to wake up someones creativity that has been sleeping for a while:)

The last couple of years community is something that has become a huge deal for me. It´s been on my agenda when soul searching, traveling or working. I´ve come to realize how much it means to me and how much I really need it. (keep in mind that I´ve been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, from 19 years old, which pretty much demands that you have the ability to stand all by yourself, stand up for your choices and your dreams even when no one else is believing in you.) Still love to stand alone at times, but community is just so awesome… and today I do like to have both in my life:)

So without even really knowing how it happened, You guys, and later ”The Jenny lovers” turned up in my life and started to sew clothing from my patterns.

And this is the kind of situation when the universe obviously has been listening to you:)

I was asking for community and that´s what I got:)

Having had the opportunity to talk, write and spend time with you guys is a real treasure for me. You inspire me so incredibly much every day, I can´t even begin to tell you. So when I feel I´m heading away from fashion… You are the number one reason that keeps me from NOT leaving fashion! Just by being the community you are. Just by excisting.

I luuuuuv you!

So… back to my birthday!

I have 3 birthday gifts for you!

1. Just for the sake of Community – I want to give you 1 meter of my fabric ”My peeps” for free, the next time you buy something in my webshop. (Value 249 sek.) I have a limited number of meters so when it´s out it´s out, so be smart and be the first to place an order! more info how to get the fabric in the sign up newsletter. (sign up to the right) It´s a lovely woven cotton fabric for a skirt, a dress, a kids pant, or a kids shirt!

2. But the celebration ain’t over! No no!! I´ll also give you a coupon of 20% on all patterns! Yay!!! So the next time you buy one or more patterns in my webshop, enter the code that you´ll get from signing up – to the right –  for my newsletter, and you´ll get 20% off on as many patterns as you like. This offer is only available until Monday the 10th of October!

3. And last – but not least a brand new pdf-mini kit of inspiration for you fine sewers! All gifts above you´ll get when you sign up – to the right – for my newsletter! Welcome!

Ok, happy birthday to me and I really hope you´ll be able to enjoy your gifts! (The codes will be valid until the 10th of october.)





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