The other day I accompanied a friend to the hairdresser. While my friend got her hair washed followed by a pretty sweet scalp massage, I was chatting with the hairdresser. She was incredibly sweet and had that lovely warmth around her that some peeps just seem to have been born with.

She asked me what I did for a living and when I told her she jumped five feet up and started to tell me about the first piece of clothing that she had ever bought. Back then she was 16 years old and lived in the countryside with her parents. The nearest city was ten kilometers away and she constantly dreamt about the day when she would be able to live in a real, big city.

One day she had the privilege to go into the nearest city and was happy to just be able to do some window-shopping. But it didn´t take long until she spotted ”The Top” in one of the windows…. there it was…. A white t-shirt with tiny little ice cream cones printed allover it. It said ”Jenny Hellström” on the label. She just knew she had to have it!

But in her world there wasn’t enough money to buy an expensive designer top and she often couldn’t even get a lift into the city. So as much as she wanted the top, she also knew it could be lost before she even had a chance to touch it.

 Stubborn as she was, she went back to the countryside, worked her ass off cutting the neighbors’ lawns and a few weeks later the money was hers.

But even though she had the money, how was she to get into the city? 
So what would you do if you were in her shoes? Well this girl wasn´t going to let anything stand in her way. She took out her bike from the garage, put on some comfy shoes and just went for it, with a big fat smile on her face!
Ten kilometers later, ”The top” was hers and now, even happier, she biked all the way back home. Easy peasy. 
And the greatest part of it all is that she loved that top so much, that ten years later it’s still in her closet, representing the spirit of “Go get it girl”!

This is one of the many allover prints that I made a few years ago, that I´m the most proud of. I really love to wear it myself since it reminds me of the small things, like ice cream:) that make life so freakin´ good!




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