Taking your measurements can be a little tricky sometimes. Here is a guide that I made to make it easier and more fun!



Some hot tips before you start measuring:

Avoid pulling too hard on measuring tape; try holding it more lightly so your measurement is as accurate as possible. You can always hold one or two fingers between you and the measuring tape to make sure that the measurement is not too small.

1. Measure the bust over your breasts and around the back at the same height.

2. Measure your waist at its thinnest spot.

3.When you measure your behind, it’s important that you measure at the largest spot. A useful way to double-check that you have measured the right spot is to slide the measuring tape up and down over your behind, holding the measurement you think you have.


If you end up in between two sizes it’s most often preferable to use the larger size; you can always take the sides in until you are satisfied with the fit. If you choose the smaller size, you can add extra fabric in the seam allowances at the sides and also increase the length.

Good luck!






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