Preparing for the superduper-Jenny sale on thursday 1/6 and friday 2/6 –  I found this dress in one of all the boxes!

This is one of the first dresses I made for a fashion show 20 years ago, I am happy it still fits me and obviously really well made for karate moves!

At the time of making this dress, I was just in the beginning of my designer carrier, had so many hopes and dreams and had no idea of what I was doing. But I was working day and night, sewing every single item that I sold. I remember especially one summer when I was renting a space with some friends in a basement on Södermalm in Stockholm.

There were no windows, and smelled old cigarette smoke everywhere:) I used to go there really early in the morning and did not come out until late at night, when the sun was long gone, but it didn´t bother me since I was on a roll baby:)

Hard work wrapped up in limitless dreams is a great recipe for any kind of success. Funny is that celebration of your success is often lost in the ambition to move further. That I know today, and I work hard to never forget the celebration! And omg – there is so much in life worth celebrating.

And I don´t only mean good workdays, but also small things as a great spring clean, a rainy day, a extra ordinary dinner, buying an new bag of green tea, getting a compliment, giving someone a compliment, getting up in time in the morning or just some real nice friendship. Life is pretty awesome when trying to be present with whatever is going on. It is all worth celebrating.

Today I am celebrating that I found this dress and that I once upon a time dared to go on my Jenny Hellström design journey 20 years ago. And boy am I looking forward to see some old customers on thursday and friday. Hoping you all come!

And I hope you haven´t missed that I also will be selling my patterns for 100:- each – only at this event on Thursday and Friday! If you can´t come – here is a promocode for my webshop so you can buy the patterns you want for 100:- each! Code: YAYJENNY

Read more about the event here!






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