I have the tiniest little project for you. It literally takes 15 minutes and gets your creativity going for sure.

I bought these hairclips in a super cute fabric shop in Paris called “ie”.
 They had the most lovely Japanese fabrics mixed with hair clips and buttons. Totally worth a visit if you are going to Paris anytime soon. If not, try to make a pair yourself and give them away to the little girl next door, your niece or daughter or just keep ém fo yo self:)

• You just create two small rectangles, sew them together and turn the piece right. OR you can just make the bow in just one piece and put the seam in center back as you can see they did in the picture.
Now pinch your rectangle together right in the middle with one or two stitches.
• Finish it with a folded piece of fabric (no need to sew, just fold the edges) or just use a pretty ribbon.
• Then sew it on to a colorful hair clip as shown in the picture.

Now – Go get dirty diggin´ in your fabric drawer, girl!




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