Are you a Box girl? It´s totally OK if you are:) I certainly was for many years, especially in my teens. But the funny thing is that The Box never came near my creativity. Strange. But fortunate.

Instead, creativity became my oxygen…. while I was busy boxing myself up in other ways.…..which means that one can be part Box girl and part not at all:). And to be totally honest I´ve never met anyone that was a 100% not.

But being boxed up can be kinda´ depressing. Since you, most of the time, know that there´s so much mojo in there, just waiting for you to let it out.

I think about these things ALOT:) 

Like every day.

Maybe because I really, really know how it feels to be stuck in there. But also because I know how amazing, wonderful, freeing, lovely, beautiful  (and of course a little scary) it feels outside The Box.

So I made this little film that I´m really excited to share with you!

Stepping out of the comfort zone seems like it´s something we´ll be keep doing more than once during a lifetime:) So we might as well just learn to love it. Especially when it comes to creativity, since that is ALL about playing.

Throwing myself into the game of the internet while remaking my website the last couple of months, has certainly been outside of my comfort zone; and many times I´ve found myself longing for quitting everything and just sitting on a beach meditating for the rest of my life:)

But then you get through it somehow…..:)

And on the other side of what feels like a mess there is a beautiful light of freedom.

Just for you.




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