To get an idea of what mindfulness really is, I invite you to take a little look:) at the testimonials from a few of my course participants here! Sometimes it is easier to get an idea by reading what others think instead of reading about Mindfulness as a method.

If you have a minute to read you will soon understand that mindfulness many times is a beautiful life changer!

As we all know:) often, to be real good at something we need to practice and practice at that specific thing to be able to see progress and results.

Mindfulness is no different, but what is so incredibly cool with the art of mindfulness is that – not only does it most often make you a more present individual and a ”good” meditator, but what often happens when you do an 8-week course i mindfulness is that it will – in it´s subtle and beautiful way, have “side effects” in EVERY POSSIBLE PART of your life.

So let me explain:) Mindfulness really offers us a new beginning. Why?

Because it gives our brain a fair chance to change its habitual and autopilot thinking. Most of us are run and controlled by our thoughts and feelings, day in and day out without even being aware of it. We make choices and we act based on our current mood swings, our current random stream of thoughts or our deep buried fears.

We believe every little thought that comes to our minds saying you did good, you did bad, you are beautiful, you look terrible, I love tea, I hate tea, I want to exercise, I do not want to exercise anymore, I suck, I rock, I want this, I need that, I should say yes, my shoulders are hurting, my shoulders are hurting, my shoulders are hurting….I want ice-cream.


Imagine not being aware of this random chaos created by our brain.

Most of us are not aware.

But you can learn to be. 


In mindfulness we do not force anything to stop and we do not try to remove any feelings or thoughts. We simply learn to watch whatever our pretty little brain has on the menu for the moment without getting attached to it.

Gradually we seem to become more and more peaceful with whatever is happening within us or outside us. We learn to see beyond the surface of the thoughts and more importantly – we learn to see ourselves beyond the surface of our thoughts. Slowly we become more and more mindful with ourselves and our lives.

It´s a quite remarkable process that mindfulness can help create. Mindfulness invites us to enrich our relationship with not only ourselves but with every aspect of our own lives and everyone in it.

If you want to try mindfulness meditation – come and meditate with me for a few times this coming fall. (all in Swedish)

If you are interested in taking a full 8-week mindfulness course (all in Swedish) –  Over here!

And if you want you can read about what others think of my courses here!

Would you like me to come and meditate with you and your co-workers at your work place? Go here!


Love Jenny

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